First Voting Photo of the Day and God Bless Dixville Notch

A couple of you have already sent us comments about your voting experiences -- from Japan to Mississippi to New Jersey -- and if more of you feel so moved to send such things our way, we'd be honored. And if you need to vent your anxiety or share any other thoughts on this exciting, thought-filled day, please do.

Oh, and if you hadn't yet heard, at least two New Hampshire towns have chosen Sen. Obama: He won early-voting and traditionally Republican Dixville Notch, NH, 15-6. Watch the vote count here. And he took Hart's Location with 17 votes to Sen. McCain's 10.


Anonymous Mickey said...

The weather was balmy, the hour around 8:00 a.m. It took me three extra blocks to reach the last-minute location change, hardly what you would call a hardship.

Old people (some with walkers), soccer moms who didn't resemble pit bulls in the least, handsome young men dressed for the office, cheery volunteers of all ages directed us to the proper District voting lines, took our names, had us sign the registration book....ordinary people giving their time to make the process work.

Waited in line a record ten minutes. At previous elections involving my district, seldom a wait at all. Even with the minimal wait today's' experience included no confusion or mix ups. All went well at the District 28's voting space during my brief stay. Drama free, just the way I like my elections, coffee breaks and relationships.

Enjoyed the photos and the reading of the other voting experiences and look forward to more......Keep contributing, readers, this IS history and WE ARE a part of it.

1:44 PM, November 04, 2008  

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