Testing II

The only acceptable answers for our sample citizenship test, according to USCIS:

1. She fought for women’s rights.

2. The Federalist Papers

3. Everyone must obey the law.
Leaders must obey the law.
Government must obey the law.

4. The Missouri River

5. Because there were 13 original
Because the stripes represent
the original colonies

6. The spread of communism
The Soviet Union [USSR and
Russia are also acceptable.]

7. U.S. diplomat
Oldest member of the
Constitutional Convention
First Postmaster General of the
United States
Writer of “Poor Richard’s

8. 1787

9. You can practice any religion
you want, or not practice at all.

10.Print money
Declare war
Create an army
Make treaties

Apparently, THE "major concern" during the Cold War was EITHER Communism OR The Soviet Union. Look, either ask for "a" concern or declare only one possibility for "the" concern. As for Susan B., the question as it's so vaguely worded could be answered: Wore dresses. Was an avid reader. Liked long walks on the beach. Or ended up on a silver dollar.

The freedom of religion answer is just loony. The government has established that, for instance, certain Caribbean religions involving the practice of animal sacrifice are not allowed. The practice of polygamy, once popularized in Mormonism (though now largely out of fashion), has been outlawed. And don't even get me started on the constraints we've placed on practicing Islam. And we may not physically impede most people from practicing anything that doesn't look like Christianity, but we certainly ostracize them a lot of the time. Now, to be fair, the question doesn't claim that this country allows freedom of religion as it defines the term (though other questions here do). So then why put this question on this test?

And rule of law. Ah, yes. "Those illegals don't respect the rule of law!" Anything that says "Everyone must obey" sounds a bit ominous to me, particularly since many folks tout respect for the "rule of law" even by those from whom they would refuse the benefits of the law, i.e. non-citizens must follow our laws but don't receive the benefits of our highest law, The Constitution. And recent history shows us that the President can, if not flaunt the law, simply skirt it to his own ends. That kind of thinking makes us hypocrites. Perhaps a question that teaches that should appear on the test as well.

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