Coming up: More Rallies for Immigrants' Rights

Check out this information on an immigrant-rights rally in D.C. for next Thursday, September 7.

The Washington Post reports on the planning of this new wave of rallies here. I understand the plan is to energise the movement, show the powers that be that "we" won't go away. And I think it's very important for pro-comprehensive-reform advocates to step up their presence in the public sphere, particularly now: It seems the enforcement-only folks have been dominating the forum in print, on the airwaves, and in government. So a re-energizing should help: It's essential. Without the firepower in official venues -- rather than just on the street level -- real reform seems very unlikely.

But I think those who raise concerns about new marches hurting the cause have a valid point. (Although I think those comments tend to come from anti-immigration sources.) One of the major fears and sources of rhetoric for the anti-immigration camp stems from this image of a foreign invasion overrunning the streets of "our" nation. So won't a show of thousands of foreigners overrunning the streets of our nation just bolster those fears? I don't know. We shall see.

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