Take it to the House

S. 2611 passed the Senate by a vote of 62-37, with two abstaining.


Anonymous mickey j ellis said...

This blog has helped me to look at the current problem of immigration in a new way. I'm not sure that I'm at all grateful.

I love the song "Imagine" by John Lennon. Now I find I am the one who cannot imagine a land without borders. Now I find I must fight my own self-justifying nationalism to even pretend to be objective.

I used to take pride in being such a dreamer, but when the dream is even remotely close to becomeing a reality, I bolt for the boarders of the U.S. ready to build fences, refusing to look at the Big Picture. After all, when have immigrants ever not made our country a better place.

And yet, pushing a button on the phone so I can get a mechine to answer me in English makes me cringe because I feel my turf is being taken over by....who....what....?

People who bring a new vitality, a new blood, a restored American vison to our tired, war-torn country? Damn, could the answer be so simple?

I've looked at the problem and I blame the rich (my favorite foil), I blame the lack of education, I blame the fear of losing a way to earn a living, I blame the politicians.

Forced to see that FEAR of the unknown is what is deciding my point of view, I finally see the problem is me.

Maybe this whole immagration problem can only be truly handled one person at a time.

Maybe John Lennon did have the answer. To "let it be". Let the rule makers make rules, let the fence builders make fences. Let the Blah blah blah be the blah blah blah.

In the end, as long as America continues to be idealistically free, it will be a beacon to those who want a better life.

And it is those people and their children and their children's children that will continue to come up with the creative, innovative ways to accomodate the changes necessary to continue our progressive survival on the planet.

Without new thought, new blood, we languish and we die.

Perhaps the answer is with the dreamers and the best we or at least I can do is to let it be.

8:35 AM, May 27, 2006  

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